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I'm Eliada Miclea 

I'm a full-time independent abstract artist painting in my home-studio. My passion for metallics and unconventional style of "painting without a paintbrush",  enabled me to develop a unique structure in my abstract paintings.

Art has been brewing within me for years, and it culminates in abstract visualizations of my life experiences. I believe that every painting I make must complement the room it is in and give it uniqueness.

I hope you discover in my colection something to inspire you and satisfy your love for beauty.


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As an artist, I belive that in my work I should reflect the emotions and the chaos of life itself. Art is more than just a visual representation of an idea or concept; it has the power to evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and challenge our assumptions about the world around us. To me, art is an ongoing journey of discovery and exploration of new horizons.

In my art process I'm using a variety of materials and colors to explore different textures andforms. I like the way metallic colours reflect off a canvas from different angles. This adds new dimensions not only to the piece, but also to the interior space in which the piece is hung.

Painting is about feeling ! ! !

If you find my art interesting, I welcome you to my world!

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